about us

NATIONAL GUMMI AB was founded in 1941 and is today managed by the third generation of the Rössel family. From the start we were a typical rubber factory with moulding and hosing as speciality, but today we have moved towards the following:

* Extrusion and confection of profiles in rubber and TPE
* Moulding of rubber products
* Confection of cellullar materials, felt and rubber cloth
* Injected plastic products

We produce parts to customers within a wide variety of industries. Automotive is the dominant industry. Other major branches are the construction- and shippingindustry.
In our development dpt we help our customers from finding the best material to ready solutions. National has a rep for working very close with their customers and suppliers.

The team-spirit is very important to us. We believe in teamwork and in personal relations. Because this is of  an essence - that people meet! Despite all machines and computers, it's the humans that makes the difference from something that is good and something that is excellent.

In Sweden we are known for our strive for good health. We have our own gym, where we, several times per week, have common training. Our staff can, outside these planned trainings, reserve the gym for their own activities.